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Wonder hoodie

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How come? All of it! We've completely revamped our hoodies AND we're launching our brand-new, comfy sherpa hoodie!

Now, pre-shrunk cloth is used to make the adventure hoodies. This is significant. Since our cotton blend materials are pre-washed, all of the shrinking takes place PRIOR to you receiving yours.

The greatest zippers in the business are currently being used by us, and they are YKK. This covers the three pocket zippers in addition to the main zipper.

Now that the body panels are lined with fleece or sherpa, we were able to include an interior pocket with a zipper.

With 50% less thickness than our initial model, the neoprene-insulated beverage pocket offers the same level of insulation with less bulk. Additionally, the tiny zippered pocket has replaced the flap on it.

Our most feature-rich and warmest sweatshirt is the adventure sherpa! It includes sherpa-lined fabric on the torso, arms, hood, and neck in addition to all the characteristics of our other hoodies. In addition, it features beverage grips that add a little extra adherence so you can handle a beverage or your phone with your hands in the cuff-mittens, elbow pads, and foldable cuffs that allow you to cover more of your hands.

The sherpa hoodie is quite comfortable! It will be among the most comfy items you have ever owned in addition to having all the features you will adore. An illustration of the adventure sherpa's features may be found below.

Our hoodies all fold up into very plush travel pillows. The entire garment may roll up into the hood thanks to our exclusive three-panel design. You receive an exceptionally soft sherpa pillow with the sherpa hood, which is lined with opulent sherpa fabric. Time for naps just got better!

At launch, the adventure sherpa will be available in THREE colors: black, sage, and charcoal. After the campaign has run for a while, we'll add stretch goals, which will allow us to increase color options upon reaching a new funding threshold. You'll notice additional colors and stretch goals here after that. In our updates, we'll also inform you about additional colors and stretch objectives.

Now, when you fund our adventure sherpa, you may choose to enable black camo at no extra cost! You will be given the option to choose from charcoal, sage, black, or black sherpa when you receive your survey at the conclusion of our campaign. You may then add on as many hoodies in any style you choose for the early bird pricing at that point.

Specialty textiles are used to make the Adventure Limited. With the addition of elbow pads to protect the area of the hoodie that frequently comes into touch with various surfaces, they are packed with all the qualities that made the adventure hoodie famous.

Black camo and dark herringbone will be the first two colors available for the adventure limited. Throughout this campaign, we intend to provide additional restricted color options.

As a host and producer for programs on National Geographic, Food Network, and Travel Channel, our founder traversed the globe. He searched for the ideal sweatshirt to travel with him in 2007, but was unable to find one. And so his quest to create the ideal hoodie began. He has now visited 72 different countries and has been producing hoodies ever since!

Our signature hoodie is the adventure classic. With pockets to hold everything you need, it's made to be your go-to everyday hoodie! Our goal was to create the best hoodie you have ever owned as well as the best hoodie we have ever created.

The classic features eight pockets, an insulated beverage pocket, cuff-mittens, and lined three-panel hoods that unfold into the most luxuriously comfy travel pillows, just like all of our hoodies! The features of the limited and classic are identical, however the limited is constructed from specially commissioned textiles.

Black, fog, and navy will be the first three hues available for the iconic adventure vehicle. Stretch goals will be added after the campaign gains traction, including the addition of color options upon reaching new funding thresholds. You'll notice additional colors and stretch goals here after that. In our updates, we'll also inform you about additional colors and stretch objectives.

The hoodies are the best you will ever own since they are jam-packed with innovative and smart features. Whether your travels lead you around the globe or to your local brewpub, our hoodies will surprise and excite you with their stylish yet utilitarian design.


Our adventurous sherpa fabric is very warm, cuddly, and soft. We have it stashed anywhere we can in our sherpa hoodies! It runs down the hood, inside the arms, on the back of the zipper garage (the area that contacts your face and prevents the zipper from touching you), and throughout the body of the hoodie. Additionally, we expanded the hand pockets' exteriors!


Our three-panel hood can be transformed into a TRAVEL PILLOW that is incredibly cozy. In the previous version, the hood was made bigger, and snaps were added to keep the hoodie in its pillow shape. Because we're always trying to make things better and simplify the design, we reshaped the hood just a little bit so it could become a pillow without the need for additional snaps.


Though it may appear like a typical pocket, our innovative BEVERAGE POCKET is much more! The purpose of the pocket was to allow you to hold your drink upright, hands free, and cool (or heated). The pocket is composed of three thin layers of fabric: a soft fleece outer layer that makes the inside of the pocket incredibly soft, a water-resistant TPU membrane with a 5K waterproof certification, and a thin layer of neoprene to insulate your beverage. We've kept the functionality of our original beverage pocket while cutting its bulk by 50% with this new one.


The vertical passport pocket was made to make it simple to get to your belongings. Although it is made to store a passport, it may also readily accommodate cash or a billfold wallet. A coil zipper made of nylon secures the pocket.


All right, so much for the "secret" pocket. You can, however, carry your valuables close to your body. Every hoodie has an INSIDE POCKET with a locking zipper that prevents it from slipping open until the zipper tab is flipped up. Kinda cool!


You can put anything you wish in the ARM POCKET! When we informed some of our consumers in a survey that we intended to remove the pocket, several of them requested that we preserve it. Keep it!" exclaimed one of them. I love this feature, therefore we decided to keep it.


For maximum comfort, we angled the opening and made the HAND POCKETS as deep as possible. These pockets had zippers in an earlier iteration, but we decided to remove them because they weren't as comfy as they could be. To keep your hands warm, the adventure sherpa has luxurious sherpa fabric lining the exterior panel of the hand pockets!




These cuffs are meant to be used as CUFF MITTENS (Cuffins? Miffins? Muffins?) to HELP keep your hands toasty, just like our original adventure hoodie. Thumbholes are incorporated into the cuffs of the traditional and limited edition hoodies, allowing you to pull them over your hands. The cuffs in the sherpa version open up to reveal more of your hands.

The cuff mittens of the sherpa hoodie flip out to reveal more of your hands. BEVERAGE GRIPS are revealed as you unfold them, allowing you to hold onto your phone, drink, or anything else you're grabbing!


Your safety is our top priority, and we recognize that you might find yourself traversing busy city streets after dark or walking your animal buddy. Because of this, the adventure classic, limited, and sherpa hoodies all have eye-catching REFLECTIVE LABELS to make sure you're noticed when out and about!

Not sure which hoodie to choose? You may compare their features side by side using this chart!

After this campaign finishes (after you receive your survey), you will be able to add on hoodies at the early bird pricing if you decide you want to obtain another one or buy one for a friend.

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