• SunSpecs With Navigation
  • SunSpecs With Navigation
  • SunSpecs With Navigation
  • SunSpecs With Navigation
  • SunSpecs With Navigation
  • SunSpecs With Navigation
  • SunSpecs With Navigation
  • SunSpecs With Navigation
  • SunSpecs With Navigation
  • SunSpecs With Navigation
  • SunSpecs With Navigation
  • SunSpecs With Navigation
  • SunSpecs With Navigation
  • SunSpecs With Navigation
  • SunSpecs With Navigation
  • SunSpecs With Navigation

SunSpecs With Navigation

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"Revolutionizing Your Ride: Navigating with Confidence and Style"


Use of a Phone Holder on the Handlebars for Navigation While Riding Has Drawbacks

  • lens damage by vibrations in cameras.
  • Power usage and phone overheating.
  • Make our bikes look less stylish.
  • dangerous and a distraction.






Turn Directions

automatically flashes turn signals while making a turn. It smoothly changes from an intersection state to a typical sunglasses state.


Navigation Map

With a real-time map in your line of sight, you can navigate with ease and satisfy all your demands even under challenging road conditions.


Whether To Display The Map Is Up To The Rider

Utilizing the handlebar remote, you can easily control the map. The navigation map can be shown or hidden by pressing the specific Map Button.


No More Problems Caused By Mobile Navigation

  • You can switch off your phone's screen and put it in your pocket once you've started using the app for navigation.
  • You are no longer have to be concerned about the phone's power usage, overheating, or vibration damage.





Lasts All Day For Riding

To make the legs of the glasses as thin as possible, SunSpecs really consistently decreased the battery capacity throughout the research and development process.



We have finally reached a balance that allows SunSpecs to support a whole day of riding thanks to the highly energy-efficient MicroLED within the light engine, the ultra-low power consumption chip utilized in SunSpecs, together with a basic and restrained HUD interaction design.


Comfortable Wearing Experience Inside The Helmet

Since many SunSpecs members are motorcyclists, we are familiar with how it feels to wear eyewear while riding. The SunSpecs is extremely lightweight and small, making it pleasant to use underneath a helmet during lengthy rides.


The thin eyeglass legs are made of flexible and skin-friendly material.


Like regular glasses, they are easy to insert into a helmet.


If your helmet has eyeglass slots and you are comfortable wearing regular sunglasses, you can wear the SunSpecs.



Anti-Tech Design

They look like a typical pair of retro-style sunglasses from the outside, but inside they include cutting-edge technology.

We try to avoid giving SunSpecs a strongly electrical vibe in accordance with the design concept of the product. There are no LEDs, buttons, or USB ports on the spectacles. You don't need to keep track of complicated touch motions or button functionality. Simply said, you only need to wear the glasses.


Most Cutting-Edge Technology

SunSpecs' strict requirements for both design and performance can only be met by the use of cutting-edge technology.

  • High transparency, anti-fog properties, anti-glare reflection, and prescription possibilities are just a few of the attributes that make SunSpecs Customized Waveguide Lenses stand out.
  • The world's smallest microLED display has the same size temples as regular glasses and consumes an extremely minimal amount of electricity.

Instant Power On/Off

SunSpecs may be turned on by just opening their temples and automatically establishing a Bluetooth connection with your phone.



ShiftLock Quick-release Design


With SunSpecs' unique ShiftLock quick-release system, replacing the outer lens is simple. meets the requirements for night driving and replacement colored lenses.




With real-time calls, messages, and speed limit notifications from SunSpecs, you can stay informed and concentrated while driving. Never miss a notice again while keeping your focus and safety during the trip.


Smart Routing, Unexpected Adventure

Set your distance and direction to create amazing round-trip itineraries. By skipping particular roads or modifying the curvature, you can further personalize your route and create a customized riding experience that is all your own.


Voice Commands

Perfectly compatible with your own Bluetooth headset for navigation voice control, hands-free Calls, and more.


Handlebar Remote Control

 Numerous motorbike models are compatible with the SunSpecs Handlebar Remote Control. It is made to endure impacts and exposure to water and is waterproof and shockproof. It can operate for up to six months on a pair of two-button cell batteries before needing to be replaced.





ShiftLock multipurpose replacement lenses from SunSpecs offer crystal-clear vision in bright light.

  • Mirrored Red, Mirrored Yellow, and Polarized LensesMirrored Blue, Mirrored Green, etc.Dark Green, Navy Blue, Mirrored Silver, and Dark GreyBrown Tea
  • lens photochroms
  • Level 7 scratch resistance for Bayer
  • Water and oil repelling coating
  • 100% UVA/UVB protection with anti-fog
  • Contrast Boosting


Super Wide Transition Range: 80% - 10%

TIPS: If you choose the Replacement Lenses add-on, we will send you a survey via email at the end of the project. You can use this survey to choose the color.



Bicycle Riding Is Also Possible

You may also put the remote control on various pieces of equipment, such as bicycles or scooters, by using SunSpecs bicycle attachments or DIY. Later, the bicycle navigation choices in the SunSpecs App will be updated.





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