• AquaPro Glass Bottle
  • AquaPro Glass Bottle
  • AquaPro Glass Bottle
  • AquaPro Glass Bottle
  • AquaPro Glass Bottle
  • AquaPro Glass Bottle
  • AquaPro Glass Bottle
  • AquaPro Glass Bottle
  • AquaPro Glass Bottle
  • AquaPro Glass Bottle
  • AquaPro Glass Bottle

AquaPro Glass Bottle

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We want to improve AquaPro® Glass Bottle but more important: we want to change the entire glass industry!

The average drinking glass in gastronomy only lasts 2 weeks!

Which is not good, as of course the production causes CO2, which means: the longer you use a product, the more emissions you save, the higher the chance, we save the world! 🦸‍♀️

By the way, the technology could have been around for 30 years! But big companies earn a lot of money with products that break. With GLASS we want to challenge this outdated unsustainable mindset – even if we sell less when our products last longer! We can now lead an entire industry into decarbonization and change it for good!

Speaking of revolution: next to changing the glass industry, we also want to change the economy! Think big!

Yay – the money you spend in our campaign is well invested in the future for a better world – and in helping you get the best bottle you ever had!



  • The shape: The unique, linear silhouette was created by an award winning designer exclusively for AquaPro® Glass Bottle. It is perfectly proportioned, balanced and has a perfectly-sized opening so you can drink just the right amount at once but don’t spill anything or touch your nose.
  • The designs: AquaPro® Glass Bottle are a piece of art! We work together with artists from all over the world: The designs are simply beautiful or have a strong message. #waterisahumanright
  • The materials: It’s 100% plastic-free! AquaPro® Glass Bottle are the only drinking bottles which have no plastic at all! Not even in the seal – it’s natural rubber (and btw FairRubber certified!).
  • The swing top: It pops, it’s fun, it can be opened with one hand (e.g. when driving) and it’s leak proof! Yes, even with fizzy drinks. The lid is made of high quality porcelain, natural rubber and stainless steel.
  • The handle: AquaPro® Glass Bottle come with a stainless steel carrying handle. This way you can hold your bottle with just one finger and carry other important things too (like your laptop, the baby, a food tray…).
  • The size: It fits cup holders in cars or strollers, side pockets in backpacks and almost every bicycle bottle holder.
  • Customization: Find your soulmate! Choose size and design, add a colourful rubber seal or lid colour. Fancy even more? Get branded AquaPro® Glass Bottle by adding individual engraving or print!



For 10 years we work with traditional soda lime glass (used for most bottles and windows). The disadvantages were obvious but we didn't think we could change physics... until we saw some unbreakable glasses in a pub and heard about an old GDR technology! After some research, we started about 2 years ago working with the University of Bayreuth and Füller Glastechnologie Betriebs-GmbH. Now we are finally reviving this technology!

How? Conventional soda-lime glass is subjected to "chemical hardening" with salt: Small sodium (Na+) ions in the glass are replaced by larger potassium (K+) ions from the salt solution. Since the potassium ions take up more space than the sodium ions, the surface tension increases – this literally makes the glass stronger!

BTW: Our treatment does not affect the recyclability, and for soda-lime glass recycling systems are in place in a lot of countries.


Our different designs are part of the AquaPro® Glass Bottle identity. Finding the perfect design to match your personality brings you closer together: you and your soulmate. This makes drinking tap water and changing the world a tad more fun, doesn’t it?

So all AquaPro® Glass Bottle come with various designs for you to choose, including these specials:

1) community edition: Who knows best what you want? YOU. So we want to start a co-creation process via social media (follow us!) throughout the campaign. 

2) artist edition: We will reveal special artist edition throughout the campaign. No fear of missing out! 

HOW TO SAVE MONEY WITH AquaPro® Glass Bottle

Tap water is much cheaper than bottled water: in Germany for instance only 0.5ct in comparison to 70ct* per bottled water. You can save up to 1000€* per year! The purchase of a AquaPro® Glass Bottle pays off after only 22 days*!

Btw: if you can’t drink your tap water, you can use the aquaprofilter: an in-bottle filter which removes 99.9% of all bacteria, viruses and more!


Use the AquaPro® Glass Bottle everywhere and don't worry about it breaking anymore!

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